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Discover all the hidden dangers in this old mine!

Watch out, SCOOBY! Kids can join their favorite four-legged sleuth as he tries to uncover the truth about this haunted old town—and help him avoid the hidden traps. A turn of a Power Pad reveals a trap door; another turn reveals a projectile launcher! There's a secret mine entrance, a cart platform and track, a trick ladder, and rolling barrels, too. 

Can SCOOBY solve the mystery?

Is this old miner's town really haunted by g-g-g-GHOSTS?! Young super sleuths can help SCOOBY explore the multiple levels of the deserted mine, where hidden doors disguise a mine cart track and treacherous ghosts and rolling barrels lurk around corners. Can SCOOBY get to the bottom of this spooky mystery and unmask the old miner?



- Turn the top Power Pad one way to reveal a projectile launcher. Turn the other way to open a trap door!
- Press the ghosts to release the ladder & open a secret entrance to the jail.
Ruh-roh, the Miner! Release the barrels to slow him down!
- Remove the Miner's helmet to discover his real identity!
Includes SCOOBY, Miner with removable helmet & accessory, 3 coin projectiles & mine cart with launcher

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All Videos

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The development of this project happened during my internship at Fisher Price HQ in East Aurora, NY under the supervision of Tyler Berkheit and Jim Bauman. The process included sketches, prototypes, and product testing.

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