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A 17' wooden kayak and matching paddle that are completely handcrafted using the traditional method of strip-built construction while integrating the highest quality of materials. 

My contributions to the project:  primary and secondary research, analysis on boat construction,  ideation and conceptualization, 3D modeling using Rhinoceros for laser cutting ribs, pattern exploration, all parts of the building process and graphic communication for presentations during all stages of the design.


Collaborator: Jacob Phillips

Photo credits: Cody Moore, Emily Galvin, Natalia Serrano, SCAD Photography, and Connor Reynolds

Graphic direction: Pedro Cramer, Logotype: Rodrigo Cordeiro 

Publications: SCAD Academic Catalog 2017 (pg. 190-191)Port City Review 2017​​​​​​​, Route Five (pg. 54-59)

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